I use R as my everyday data analysis language, and Matlab and the Psychtoolbox for running (mostly psychophysical) experiments.

R apps

  • shinyPsychometric. A R shiny app that illustrates how experimental factors affect the variability of threshold estimates in fitting psychometric functions.

    You specify the number of collected data points, their placement, the number of observations per data point, etc. The software repeatedly simulates data collection, fits a psychometric function, and estimates the threshold. It displays the real threshold, along with the distribution of threshold estimates. You can see how the variable are the estimated values, and adjust your experimental choices to increase reliability.

    Try it directly from your browser, or have a look at the code on Github. Github also allows you to download it, and run it offline from a R console.

R packages

  • singlecase. A few years ago, I’ve been authoring a R package to implement statistical procedures for single case studies in neuropsychology. It was essentially a port in the R language of some of the procedures developed by Prof. John Crawford, and available on his page as Windows apps. It is not developed or maintained anymore. People still interested may find the source code in the R package archive.